TOO HOT TO HANDLE Season 2 Is Back and WORSE Than Ever! (2023)


Too Hot To Handle Season 2 is Netflix's crazy reality dating show where *** is forbidden. Follow me as we take a deep dive into the show and have a good laugh.

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It's back baby, the show that reminds me how bad I am with women and has taught me more than my eighth grade sex ed class.

Do any girls wake up horny morning, dude! Do the do season two of too hot to handle is a delightful train wreck that will just have to tighten us over until my most anticipated show of 2021 sexy beasts.

Could you fall in love with someone based on personality alone and don't worry if you haven't seen season one? I have a whole video on that in the description below no heavy petting.

This is literally [, __, ] or sex of any kind, so come be obstinate with me, as we take a deep dive into the season and make some real emotional connections.

The purpose of this retreat is to help you gain deeper and more emotional connections, but before we begin make sure to like and subscribe seriously only like three percent of you watch, my videos are subscribed with season one being a hit.

The producers had to come up with a clever way to fool the contestants to be on the show, because, if there's anything you can take away from this show, it's manipulation always pays off we're on the gorgeous set of parties in paradise, sticked out with its own fake host jeff.

My name is jeff, who we see for one scene and ever again so kind of like kayla and in true too hot, to handle fashion.

The contestants are brought in and given the chance to show just how ready they are to find deep, meaningful connections.

My name is emily and my passion in life is boys.

I'm the real life legally blonde, but I'm also illegally horny.

Am I undeniably sexy? Uh, yes and undeniably modest.

The first two to arrive are carly.

I hate roles and I do not follow them whatever I do.

What I'm wrong in melinda, I do have limits in the bedroom.

Do not pull my hair, don't touch my wigs already got.

You covered they're quickly, introduced to the first male contestant of the group nathan, a uk-born cowboy from dallas who's, also a stripper.

That's who the law says that you cannot touch, but I think I see a lot of law breakers up in this house.

Emily's up next, a nun from london, followed by chase a football player.

So you're probably wondering oh, what nfl team does he play for I'm from seattle, washington? Well I play football in canada.

Hold up you play in the cfl, that's like saying, you're, taking your girl out for a romantic dinner fit for royalty, but you end up going to burger king I'm just playing chase.

The dude has his own youtube channel and is in the nfl developmental league right now so show him some love which he didn't get on the show then there's killian murphy from peaky blinders.

Today this is my [ __ ] wedding day.

Cam here considers himself a sexy, nerd, milady and boy.

Will we get into him, then there's larissa, whose boobs try to distract us from her teeth, and normally I wouldn't body, shame it's not cool, but the show is called too hot to handle so hopefully, you'll grant me some leeway here.

Next is peter, whose claim to fame is being a huge tick tocker and you might think, oh, we must have some great content over there.


Eighty percent of it is him covering himself at liquids and taking off his pants he's also part hobbit seriously, look at him next to chase and the girls.

The last two contestants are kayla, who has less screen time than the robotic host lana and marvin the french man, with the dance moves of a god, I'm a dancer.

I can do a lot of dance.

You know a little bit of doogie and stuff to dance like this.

They, like you, damn you're lucky with that handsome smile.

These guys believe they're in for a crazy few weeks of debauchery, but lana is soon to quash their wet dreams.

No, it's not too hard to handle.

This can't be too hard to handle and with a hundred thousand dollars at stake, which of our contestants will persevere, find love and take the prize money home and how much of that money for that matter for every sexual infraction money is deducted from the pile.

This means no heavy petting, handies or even self-gratification, and by episode 2 there are already seven violations resulting in 21 thousand dollars being deducted from the grand total.

That's right, roughly half of all the violations.

This season happen in this one episode and this can be attributed to contestants coupling up these couples include cam and emily marvin and melinda and chase and carly.

Oh my god and I already know chase, stands no chance with carly strolling into the resort.

Looking like the rock circa 1994., so the gang is sent on a workshop to learn about self-restraint and what better way than with whips and feathers.

Needless to say, it didn't go as planned.

It got a bonus, so I must be doing something right.

I got a bonus and with only a few days in some of the couples give in to temptation melinda and carly, make out with peter to make their men jealous, because nothing says jealousy like making up with a guy who does this for a living and poor poor, emily she's starting to fall in love with cam, a guy who says [, __ ] like this.

I keep my word to people sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't mean [, __ ].

Sometimes honestly, it's not it's not the best policy.

It's denies and eyes, and I night you die or you're caught in the axe.

Oh he's gonna get in trouble.

Cam is so wound up by not being able to bone emily that he has to engage in a vankal shankle pact.

Now I've searched the depths of urban dictionary for this, but I can't find a definition any of my uk friends.

If this is some sort of slang, please, I need to know what this means in the comments.

Basically, cam asks jason peter to stand guard for him, while he um self-gratifies himself and the genius way he gets his friends to agree to.

This is telling them it's an investment, but this is an investment yeah.

This isn't true.

If he jerks off now, it'll pay dividends in the future.

When he's less horny to hit up emily- and I gotta say the boys- do a great job, guarding nathan just took a massive dump in the bathroom.

You gotta wait five minutes.

Unfortunately, the investment pays off as well as my gamestop stock as the very next day.

Cam and emily are invited to the private suite where they blow five thousand dollars.

This is due to excessive grinding and self-touching.

So, basically, my high school experience, but things are about to get even more precarious for cam as two new contestants arrive to shake things up meet christina from south africa at first I thought she had an obama tattoo, but it turns out it's ohana ohana means family.

Then there's robert from the uk, who is the quintessential english gentleman christina and robert, don't know they're on too hot to handle, but when they find out, we can't have sex when we're in there uh robert these new arrivals cause the other contestants to get mad jealous with some hoping the connections they made can withstand these new temptations.

Just take a look at my bad chase when carly goes on a date with robert, but it's cam who comes out the loser in this scenario, as christina tells emily that cam instigated a kiss and when emily confronts kim about this he's like this, it's no wonder: lana believes that contestants aren't making any progress in their emotional connections, so she instigates operation wake-up, call, kicking off two contestants who haven't developed those connections or who she believes aren't here for the right reasons.

She ends up: booting, kayla and peter in the process.

This is no place for a hobbit.

While the girls attend a workshop aimed at letting go of the past, the men are oh, I thought this was gonna, be like a toenail cutter, that's a circumciser and then it's time to get the infamous green light watches.

If you remember from season, 1 contestants are given these smart watches, which light up green only if there is a genuine connection allowing the contestant to break the rules without any penalty for a limited amount of time and considering how some of these men last only 20 seconds.

I'm sure this will be plenty of time, eight thousand dollars for 20 seconds.

It was probably much less than that.

Well, emily decides to give cam.

One final chance chase tries to see what's going on with carly until a giant cockroach lands on his face at least someone's getting caulk on.

This show check out chase's, unique pillow placement strategy here.

He'll use this advanced technique several times throughout the show, and believe me, if I had the blue balls like these guys, I'd be using it too.

Also to the editors on the show you're doing my man marvin dirty with having these weird two-second cutaway clips of him like when he's looking like silence of the lambs, has pink sparkles in his hair or looks like he just dumped his entire face in a vat of mustard.

Meanwhile, things aren't going well for carly and chase.

You don't make me feel confident you honestly, don't you make me feel like I'm like ugly honestly, I deserve better.

I do not the best thing you want to be hearing from your lady and when three new arrivals make it to the island chase is like I mean I was bothered by the whole carly situation.

Then again, tabitha comes along.

I'm sitting here, like carly, who who's carly carly slide into my dms, there's, no one who will treat you better than a desperate youtuber.

So these new arrivals include elle, who gets slightly more screen time than kayla tabitha he's huge, just how I like it.

I believe that when I see it and joey who's using his flair as a penis and immediately chase and tabitha hit things off nah, it's not awful.

Actually, that's nice! I like it around this time.

We get our biggest violation of the season.

Marvin and melinda go all the way costing a whopping 20 thousand dollars.

I haven't heard someone pay that much for sex since I'm gonna come now.

They need to prove to the others.

This wasn't a one-time, fling speaking of healthy relationships.

Just take a look at chase's face when tabitha crawls into bed naked he's gotten over carly, pretty quick, but if these men are really going to grow, they'll need to master their immaturity in a brand new workshop.

What do you guys think they're learning down there? Well, I feel like they're learning about communication, hello, you we've had some good times very good times.

You know, remember those twins, yes, the men will have to chat it out with their ding-dongs to master their immaturity.

I definitely need to talk to my penis because we spend the most money here really bad things, but it doesn't end there.

The men are tasked with a painting exercise and I'm thinking that they lost a great opportunity to unleash their inner dicasso's and paint with their tallywhackers.

The workshop does have a big breakthrough, marvin realizes his fear of commitment stems from his childhood and lack of a father figure.

He wants to treat women the way he treat his mother and not like his deadbeat dad.

I want to be the opposite of what my father absolutely yeah.

I want to be a man for my family for my future wife, my future children.

This opening up gives him and melinda one of the most well-earned green lights of the season.

On a side note, you might have noticed a lot of the contestants snapping instead of clapping.

I couldn't find a definitive answer to this either they're recreating the crab dance or producers told them to snap instead of clap as it messes up the mics.

But if you know the real reason, let us know in the comments with only a few days left at the retreat lana clamps down and eliminates two more contestants contestants, who have shown little to no growth or meaningful connections, and just as quick as he came, robert is gone along with christina.

Emily goes all in on cam, but just look at how uninterested he is.

Wifey felipe- and this is the main drama for the tail end of the season as cam needs to decide where his heart lays he's even tempted into a naked shower by tabitha, which he denies after about five grueling minutes.

If you were a hundred percent into emily he'd be like no way tabitha, but cam is still holding on to his old player ways.

At least he man's up and later tells emily how he's conflicted and the producers just had to have him in a devil outfit.

With this red mood lighting, meanwhile, nathan has a chat with larissa, basically telling her she's too closed off emotionally.

Where would he get a thing like that? This workshop is freaking me out a bit because I hate emotions and all that gross boring stuff.

This sparks larissa to remove herself from the show and go back to harvard to finish her law degree with only two days left.

The couples are given another chance to grow.

Those connections in a series of romantic dates, marvin and melinda- go in a yacht where marvin expresses his love to her and asks her to be his girlfriend.

He's gone from flirting with other girls to make her jealous to completely infatuated with her, in fact their night in the private suite where they didn't break any rules he says was one of the best nights of his life.

Emily and cam have their one-on-one, which isn't as romantic as marvin and melinda's, partly because cam doesn't know how to express what happened in the shower with tabitha.

You know she's trying to feel we can both agree or not elsewhere.

No, no, it was a valiant try, cam, but getting past that and the fact emily's earrings can pick up wi-fi a mile away.

Cam expresses his interest in emily and asks her to be his girlfriend.

Oh, you were speaking tonight and you said some nice things to me and I got it for semi and that's weird what non-sexual emotional sammy? Yes, you know it's real when you start getting those emotional semis with the final day upon us, it's now time to see how the current prize pool of 55k will be split up, but lana has a surprise.

Unlike last season, there will only be one winner.

What would you guys do at 55k? If you want it strip club, yeah joey, you aren't winning and as they viking burial, all the traumas and emotions they've grown out of lana tells them.

She has chosen a final three for the prize pool and that'll be up to the others to cast their votes for a winner, bring back jeff.

No, not that one better yeah.

We have a survivor situation on our hands.

Lena's final three include carly, cam and marvin, all three of whom have shown some degree of change and when all is said and done, carly gets zero votes, cam three and marvin four, and I gotta say I agree with this decision.

Marvin showed the greatest change going from not really caring about melinda to calling her his queen and wanting her to come to paris to meet his mom cam and carly.

They didn't prove just not to the extent marvin did now.

You might be asking yourself.

Are these couples still together at the time of this writing? We don't have any definitive answers on this, as it seems the cast may not be able to disclose any info until a few days or weeks after the last batch of episodes drop.

However, we do know couples like cam and emily and marvin and melinda often like each other's posts on instagram.

So who knows overall, I thought season.

Two was a downgrade from season one and that might be partly because season one was just so fresh.

I never really knew how the show was gonna work, but it probably has more to do with the cast.

The cast was just better in season one.

I still remember harry and francesca, but I doubt in a few months I'll remember any of the cast here but hey.

What do I know the comment section is where we'll battle it out and where I want to see what you thought of the season and carly if you're there.

My dms are open thanks, everyone for watching, remember to like and subscribe, and you can also follow me on twitter and instagram at thinkstoryyt until next time.

Remember, daddy, loves you very much.



Is anyone from too hot to handle Season 2 still together? ›

Emily and Cam fell madly in love in season 2, and fans of the show will be very happy to hear that they're still together.

Is Too Hot To Handle scripted season 2? ›

Too Hot To Handle is not scripted. According to narrator Desiree Burch, who sat down for a tell-all with Express, the contestants aren't given a script, though she of course receives one as the narrator. But if you're wondering, is Too Hot to Handle staged, rather than scripted, it seems the answer is no too.

Did Cam and Emily break the rules? ›

5. Cam Holmes. Season 2's Cam and now-girlfriend Emily Miller sure cash in on Lana's, ahem, hospitality, and it leads to a successful relationship. They become the first couple to break the rules in Episode 2, kissing twice and costing the group $6,000.

Is Marvin and Melinda still together? ›

Marvin and Melinda broke up after Too Hot To Handle

Their relationship was not without its ups and downs, with typical issues like jealousy coming in the middle. But their on-screen chemistry was undeniable and they seemed to have a really strong relationship when leaving the show.

Is Melinda and Layton still together? ›

Yes! Melinda and Layton are still together to this day and, judging by the social media, the pair look happier than ever.

Did Marvin split the money with Melinda? ›

He ended the season in a relationship with Melinda Melrose, eventually splitting; amicably ending their couple. Speaking to Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, Melinda said that she didn't expect Marvin to have shared his winnings with her, despite having won it being in a couple with her.

Is Jawahir and Nick still together? ›

Sadly no, despite winning Too Hot to Handle season 4, Nick and Jawahir are no longer together.

How fake is Too Hot to Handle? ›

Although one hopes that everything that happens in Too Hot To Handle is legitimate, it's easy to see that the reality dating show is likely scripted. While many of the relationships formed in the villa seem to be pure-hearted, others appear forced. More often than not, cast interactions feel unnatural.

How do they trick people into Too Hot to Handle? ›

The production team came up with a solution — the lie of a fake show called Parties in Paradise to lure cast members. “We never went into huge detail about the actual show. It was like, 'You're going to go party around the world.

What was the biggest rule break on Too Hot To Handle? ›

Unexpectedly, Harry engaged in self-gratification when Lana was seemingly offline, costing the group $4,000. Nathan and Holly had the most significant breach of rules when they went all the way in the suite, costing the group the rest of the prize fund money of $36,000 and leaving them with nothing.

Did Cam cheated on Emily? ›

It was devastating when Emily and Cam unexpectedly split in April 2022. While the two didn't directly address their breakup, rumors quickly spread that Cam had cheated on Emily while on vacation, which Emily seemed to confirm when she described herself as, "single af" online.

Who broke rules in Too Hot To Handle season1? ›

1. Francesca & Harry, $3,000 - Episode 2. After one kiss-free night, Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago were the first to break the rules. Harry naively remarked, "We're gonna go down here, have this chat, I'm gonna kiss you, then it's gonna be on.

Is Carly and Joey still together? ›

Lawrence revealed she is "done with him" on Instagram. It looks like the flame has officially gone out between ​Too Hot To Handle's Carly Lawrence and Joey Joy. Lawrence, a model from Toronto, recently took to social media to reveal that she is now single.

Did Chase and Carly get back together? ›

Post-split from Joey, cast member Nathan Webb helped bring Carly and Chase back together.

Are any of the couples still together from dated and related? ›

Daniel Perfetto & Nina Parsijani From Dated and Related

They formed a sweet connection, and are seemingly still together today. Although they are in different countries, they are still in a long-distance relationship, insisting as of September 2022 that they talk all the time.

Is Duncan still with Alyssa? ›

Alyssa and Duncan are no longer together. In an interview with Nine, Alyssa shared her feelings about the break-up. "When Duncan was reading his vows, I was waiting for that, 'But, I want to still be with you. ' When it never came, I just couldn't believe it," Alyssa said.

Is Melinda on Dated related? ›

Melinda Berry is a model, Instagram influencer and TV personality. Berry boasts more than 1 million followers on Instagram, where she frequently posts stunning videos of herself modelling on the streets of New York.

Did Alyssa and Duncan get back together? ›

'" Alyssa and Duncan married on the show but after many ups and downs, Duncan cut off their relationship at the final vow ceremony. Since then, Duncan has moved on with fellow series ten contestant, Evelyn Ellis, and the pair confirmed their romance on 9Entertainment earlier this week.

What did Marvin do with the prize money? ›

Rather than it being shared between contestants, Marvin won the entire amount himself, though it is likely, given the events of the penultimate episode, he will use some of it to visit his new girlfriend, Melinda, in New York City.

What is the prize money for Marvin and Melinda? ›

The prize fund started at $100,000 but went all the way down to $30,000 after a lot of rule breaks. However, Melinda and Marvin ended up earning some money back after they redeemed themselves with Lana by spending a night in the private suite without any rule breaks.

Do they split the money at the end of too hot to handle? ›

The prize in Too Hot to Handle is different from other dating reality shows. The cast each season is given a dollar amount that they have the potential to split, called the prize fund.

Are Nick and Danielle still together? ›

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl are reflecting on their short-lived marriage after the pair tied the knot on season 2 of Love Is Blind. The Netflix stars filed for divorce in August 2022 after one year of marriage.

Is Zeb and Kayla still together? ›

Seb and Kayla are working through a long-distance relationship. Seb and Kayla graciously accept their place as Season 4's runners-up. Today, they say their relationship can best be described as “complicated.” But they're still dedicated to their long-distance love.

Is Nigel and Dominique still together? ›

Dominique and Nigel

Despite multiple attempts, the pair could not develop a strong emotional connection. By the finale, they had separated.

Did the contestants really not know they were on Too Hot to Handle? ›

Those who end up on Too Hot To Handle don't know that they are going on the show. That may seem utterly bizarre, but the contestants usually sign up for different series, with the surprise reveal taking them completely off guard. This might not be the experience that they want.

Do they wear their own clothes on Too Hot to Handle? ›

They brought their own outfits

"We completely brought our own outfits," she says. "We were a really tight-knit group, so we did share our outfits and the girls would help each other. But all of our outfits were completely our own."

Did they eat on Too Hot to Handle? ›

The contestants didn't have to cook any of their own food.

Throughout the season, there was never any footage of the contestants eating an actual meal. David told Cosmo they didn't have to do any of their own cooking in the villa, and meals were an opportunity to hang out and bond without the cameras.

Can you cuddle in Too Hot to Handle? ›

Couples can hug, which means you can go in for a real snuggle that can boost those endorphins - but also other things. They can also share a bed - but of course no funny business. During the series the contestants are also given special watches.

Why do they snap their fingers in Too Hot to Handle? ›

Why do the Too Hot to Handle contestants always click? Another behind the scenes secret we got from Emily – the reason the contestants are always clicking! She told us: “Because of our mics, clapping would be too loud, so we had to adjust and that was what we would do.

Who was the fake Too Hot to Handle host? ›

So, Lopez is acting as the fake host of fake show Wild Love to give the elaborate ruse credibility to the unsuspecting contestants, but he is not actually hosting Too Hot to Handle.

What rules were broken in Too Hot to Handle season 2? ›

$21,000 Worth Of Kisses

Fan-favorites Cam Holmes and Emily Miller were the first to break the rules by kissing, which they quickly learned cost them $3,000. That same night, Carly Lawrence and Chase DeMoor kissed twice, Marvin Anthony and Melinda Melrose kissed, and Cam and Emily kissed again.

What did Izzy and Jackson do in bed? ›

In no time at all, Jackson and Izzy kissed several times and ended their bedroom tryst with a $22,000 encounter, the only of its kind all season. But it was the callous and half-hearted apology Jackson gave to the group as Lana confronted them that proved how unseriously he took the whole competition.

Are Cam and Emily having a baby? ›

Too Hot To Handle's Emily Miller reveals heartbreaking pregnancy loss. Too Hot To Handle star Emily Miller has revealed that a few weeks after discovering she was pregnant with boyfriend Cam Holmes, she experienced an ectopic pregnancy, sadly losing her baby.

Is Emily from Too Hot To Handle pregnant? ›

WASHINGTON (TND) — Emily Faye Miller, who starred in Season 2 of Netflix's “Too Hot to Handle,” has announced she has suffered an ectopic pregnancy. Miller, 27, shared the news on Instagram Friday. She said she learned she was pregnant a few weeks ago and was “quite excited” about it.

What time do they wake up on Too Hot To Handle? ›

So we'd wake up at around eight o'clock," she said. "We'd all get ready, and then lunch would be just steak. We had steak all the time.

Is it 200k per person in Too Hot To Handle? ›

In the end, we find out that the prize money is actually split up among the remaining ten contestants. So everybody wins. Everybody wins $7,500 before taxes, which is pretty small by reality TV standards.

How much money did Too Hot To Handle win season 3? ›

At the end of episode 10, Lana revealed that Harry and Beau were the joint winners of the the third season, and would be going home with $90,000. It comes after the biggest rule breakers of the series, Holly and Nathan, won back the prize money, as the balance dropped to zero - the lowest it's ever gone on the series.

Who is Joey dating now? ›

The pair made their red carpet debut as a couple at an Emmy party in September 2019, and in 2022, Piet proposed to the actress. Here's what to know about Joey King's fiancé, Steven Piet.

Are Nathan and Larissa dating? ›

Larissa Trownson and Nathan Webb - Not together

These two called it quits before the cameras stopped rolling, with Larissa quitting the season early. Nathan tried to flirt with her during the reunion – however, she revealed she'd already moved on.

Why did Joey and Carly breakup? ›

Their breakup came in the middle of the season after Carly told Chase that she needed more affection and he told her that she was insecure.

Did Carly ever sleep with Jason? ›

Yes, Jason and Carly slept together but it was back in 1996.

Why did Chase dump Carly? ›

Carly immediately fell for the football player and eventually realized that she wanted to form a deeper connection rather than a hasty hookup. However, Chase ended things when Carly started getting serious and instead pursued British beauty Tabitha Clifft.

Is Kaz with Diana? ›

Kaz and Diana are stronger than ever.

That's right: Dated & Related's golden couple (and your Season 1 winners) are still happily in love. “He makes me laugh, supports me and has always been there for me since day one,” Diana tells Tudum.

Are Kaz and Tyler still together? ›

Love Island 2021 favourite Kaz Kamwi has opened up about her split with Tyler Cruickshank, admitting that she found the reaction more difficult than the break-up itself. Kaz and Tyler – who finished fourth on last year's Love Island – called it quits in December last year, three months after leaving the villa together.

Did Joey and Julia end up together? ›

In Mother and Child Reunion (1), it was revealed that Joey married a woman named Julia, the ex-wife of Albert Manning and the mother of Craig Manning. They had a daughter named Angela.

Who is still together from 2 Hot to Handle season 3? ›

Despite their seven-year age gap, Manchester's Izzy Fairthorne and London's Jackson Mawhinney struck up quite the romance on the show. Per the Instagram update video, the two remain together in a casual friends-with-benefits situation.

Are Emily and Kobe still together? ›

Emily and Kobe are not only still together, they are parents to two kids and the whole family seems as happy as can be.

Are Georgia and Harry dating? ›

Harry Jowsey and Georgia Hassarati's relationship timeline…

Harry and Georgia started dating back in June 2022 and broke up sometime in the fall.

Is Too Hot To Handle scripted? ›

When we asked whether or not the show is scripted, he gave us a clear answer to the authenticity question. He said, “Too Hot To Handle is 100% unscripted and the contestants have free will 'to do or don't do. ' The contestants have big personalities and authentically express it!”

Are Nigel and Dominique together? ›

Dominique and Nigel

In the later episodes, Kayla decided to date Seb and Dominique bonded with Nigel. Despite multiple attempts, the pair could not develop a strong emotional connection. By the finale, they had separated.

Who is Jawahir dating now? ›

After some soul searching, Jawahir chose Nick, and opened up to him about her fear of abandonment, which made her push him away before he could hurt her. "I know I have a connection with you and I know it's real. I look at you and just feel this feeling that I've never had before...

Is Emily pregnant with Kobe? ›

It's a girl! 90 Day Fiancé star Emily Bieberly revealed she and her husband, Kobe Blaise, quietly welcomed baby No. 2 in October 2021.

Are Bilal and Shaeeda married? ›

Shaeeda and Bilal are still happily married and regularly share couple's content on TikTok and Instagram.

Is Kobe and Emily having a baby? ›

Baby makes four! 90 Day Fiancé stars Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise quietly welcomed their second child in October 2021, Us Weekly can confirm.

Are Harry and Georgia Hassarati still together? ›

Georgia Hassarati has revealed she and Harry Jowsey have split after dating for a year.

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