The Most Disturbing Moments in Made in Abyss (So Far) Ranked (2024)

Made in Abyss, with its chibi-style anime characters, can fool anyone into thinking it's a wholesome anime. However, as the plot unfolds, the anime takes a sharp turn. If you're a show fan, you might recognize some of the most disturbing moments in Made in Abyss!

With the release of Made in Abyss Season 2, Reg, Riko, and Nanachi's adventures in the Abyss could not get any darker!

In the Hollow Village, secrets and mysteries are unveiled! Will the three of them get out of the village alive?

This article contains spoilers from the Made in Abyss anime.

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    The Birthday Disease

    The Most Disturbing Moments in Made in Abyss (So Far) Ranked (1)

    Some people in Orth have died as a result of the Birthday Disease in Made in Abyss. It was initially dismissed as a myth, but strange events related to the Birthday Disease continued to occur. According to legend, a person will die on their birthday for an unknown reason.

    Kiyui was afflicted with the birthday disease in the first season. As his birthday approached, he began to feel ill and his condition worsened. Thankfully, he survives after being transported to a clinic outside of the Abyss.

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    Ascend From the Fifth Layer of the Abyss

    The Most Disturbing Moments in Made in Abyss (So Far) Ranked (2)

    Riko suffered the consequences of ascending from the fifth layer in the film Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul.

    She awoke in Bondrewd's territory, the Ido Front, to find Reg and Nanachi missing. Riko was tempted to climb up the nearby stairs when she decided to go find them both, but Prushka warned her not to.

    Riko mustered all her courage and decided to climb, despite Prushka's warning. She began to lose all of her senses as she attempted to ascend. Her molars started to fall out, and she began to lose her sense of self.

    Riko's wounds were treated thanks to Prushka, who stitched them all up. The worst thing is that there is no anesthesia to use!

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    The Horrors of the Amaranthine Deceptors

    The Most Disturbing Moments in Made in Abyss (So Far) Ranked (3)

    Amaranthine deceptors are dangerous insects with wings like that of an Eternal Fortune. A deadly secret lies beneath their beautiful wings, which can only be prevented by spreading fire throughout their nest.

    When an amaranthine deceptor inserts its larvae into its prey, the larvae quickly consume it from the inside out.

    Worse, they can multiply quickly. Adult amaranthine deceptors enter the body to keep the prey alive for as long as possible, despite the prey's desire to die.

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    Getting Eaten by a Corpse Weeper

    The Most Disturbing Moments in Made in Abyss (So Far) Ranked (4)

    The Corpse Weepers are among the most lethal creatures in the Abyss. To entice their prey, they try to imitate sounds, particularly human voices.

    Riko and Reg witnessed the Corpse Weeper's dangers in the second layer of the abyss.

    They watched the Corpse Weeper feeding on the insides of a dead cave delver. Not only that, but the beast attacked and kidnapped Riko! Reg, on the other hand, is there to prevent it from feeding on Riko!

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    Belaf Absorbing Mitty

    The Most Disturbing Moments in Made in Abyss (So Far) Ranked (5)

    Mitty is alive, as revealed in Season 2. Belaf began feeding on Mitty in the Iruburu Village after buying her from Bondrewd. Belaf gave up nearly half of his limbs in exchange for Mitty!

    Because Mitty is immortal, the poor hollow has become his personal favorite. Every day, Belaf absorbs Mitty from the inside out. Worse, when Nanachi discovered this, she offered herself to Belaf in exchange for Mitty.

    When Riko discovered the horrors caused by Belaf, she was on the verge of agreeing to sacrifice her eyes, legs, and innards! Thanks to Majikaja, Riko did not sacrifice anything for Belaf.

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    The Balancing Event

    The Most Disturbing Moments in Made in Abyss (So Far) Ranked (6)

    In the Hollow Village, the rule of law is the Balancing Event. It maintains the village's equilibrium by exchanging one value for another.

    The balancing event occurred when a certain hollow harmed Meinya by pushing its guts out of its buttocks.

    The Balancing Event captured Maa-san, the pink fluffy hollow, to offer something in exchange for the harm done to Meinya.

    Maa-san's arms were ripped and his muscles were exposed. The good news is that Maa-san returned to Riko and Meinya's side as a good friend after the event.

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    The Fight with Bondrewd

    The Most Disturbing Moments in Made in Abyss (So Far) Ranked (7)

    The fight with Bondrewd is one of the most disturbing sequences in Made in Abyss. Not only is Bondrewd able to transfer his consciousness onto one of his Umbra Hands, but Reg's dark and monstrous mode has also been activated.

    The fight could not get any darker, with Bondrewd suffering from the ascent of the abyss and Reg almost killing Bondrewd. It should also be noted that in order for Bondrewd to fight Reg, he must use his human cartridges to break the curse of the abyss.

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    Naked Children are Hanged

    It's upsetting and offensive to see children like Riko and Marulk hanged face-first on the floor. Worst of all, they're both naked!

    In the first season, we saw Riko being hanged by the orphanage's director as punishment for her actions.

    As another punishment in the abyss, we saw Marulk punished by the white whistle Ozen.

    Who in their right mind would hang a young girl naked as punishment?

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    Vueko is Sexually Abused by an Old Man

    The Most Disturbing Moments in Made in Abyss (So Far) Ranked (9)

    Vueko's backstory was revealed in the first episode of Made in Abyss Season 2. It is, as usual, a very dark and disturbing past that offends the viewers.

    Vueko is an orphan who was taken in by an elderly man. He took advantage of Vueko, from sexually harassing her to hurting her.

    Vueko, at such a young age, has been subjected to the horrors of a notorious old man!

    The good news is that she escaped before the old man attempted to murder her. Her past and trauma, however, will always follow her as she moves forward in life.

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    Reg’s Torture Scene

    The Most Disturbing Moments in Made in Abyss (So Far) Ranked (10)

    Reg was tortured and examined by some of Bondrewd's Umbra Hands in the film Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul.

    Reg piqued the interest of the Umbra hands due to his unusual body type. They woke him up and dragged him into a dark examination room where human cartridges are manufactured.

    Reg's body was being dissected from head to toe by the Umbra hands. Worse, Reg's arm was amputated! Reg, despite being a cyborg, can still feel the agony of the Umbra Hands' torture.

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    Prushka’s Sacrifice

    The Most Disturbing Moments in Made in Abyss (So Far) Ranked (11)

    Prushka's death will always be one of the most difficult to accept in Made in Abyss. She is a sweet and endearing character who made an important contribution to Reg, Riko, and Nanachi's journey.

    Prushka did everything, even sacrificing herself, to serve Bondrewd's goals because he was ultimately considered his real father. Prushka, much as she loved him, was mutilated by the Umbra Hands and turned into a human cartridge.

    Even if she had been converted, Prushka remained hopeful. The only positive outcome was that she was transformed into a life-reverberating stone and became Riko's white whistle.

    She was eventually freed from Bondrewd's clutches and joined Riko and the others on their journey to the depths of the Abyss.

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    The Elevator Scene

    The Most Disturbing Moments in Made in Abyss (So Far) Ranked (12)

    One of the most famous Made in Abyss moments is the elevator scene. It was both terrifying and heartbreaking. If this doesn't make you gag, I don't know what will!

    It all began when Bondrewd enticed Mitty and Nanachi to come to the Ido Front. Mitty and Nanachi accompany Bondrewd because they are both excited about entering the abyss.

    However, they were both subjected to Bondrewd's experiments. Mitty and Nanachi were forced into an elevator that would descend to the sixth layer of the abyss before ascending.

    There, Mitty experienced the strain of ascent because the flow of the force field on her corner was stronger than Nanachi's. As a result, Mitty lost all of her human intelligence and turned into a hollow.

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    Riko Bleeding Out From Every Orifice of Her Body

    The Most Disturbing Moments in Made in Abyss (So Far) Ranked (13)

    When Riko and Reg come across an Orb Piercer, Riko is quickly injured. Riko's arm is pricked by one of the Orb Piercer's projectiles. Riko is poisoned as a result. Reg decided to ascend in order to save her.

    Worse, Riko was strained by Reg's sudden ascension. Riko began to bleed from every hole in her body, in addition to the poison creeping into her!

    What's more disturbing is that Riko's arm began to swell, forcing Reg to make a decision that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

    Riko begged Reg to cut off her swollen arm in order to save her body from the poison. Yikes!

The Most Disturbing Moments in Made in Abyss (So Far) Ranked (14)

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