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Merchant of Venice Act3 Scene1 and 2 |William Shakespeare|ICSE Class10 English
Merchant of Venice Act3 Scene1 and 2 |William Shakespeare|ICSE Class10 English

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The Merchant of Venice is a 16th-century play written by William Shakespeare in which a merchant in Venice named Antonio defaults on a large loan provided by a Jewish moneylender, Shylock. It is believed to have been written between 1596 and 1599.

Although classified as a comedy in the First Folio and sharing certain aspects with Shakespeare's other romantic comedies, the play is most remembered for its dramatic scenes, and it is best known for Shylock and his famous "Hath not a Jew eyes?" speech on humanity. Also notable is Portia's speech about "the quality of mercy".

Bassanio, a young Venetian of noble rank, wishes to woo the beautiful and wealthy heiress Portia of Belmont. Having squandered his estate, he needs 3,000 ducats to subsidise his expenditures as a suitor. Bassanio approaches his friend Antonio, a wealthy merchant of Venice, who has previously and repeatedly bailed him out. Antonio agrees, but since he is cash-poor – his ships and merchandise are busy at sea to Tripolis, the Indies, Mexico and England – he promises to cover a bond if Bassanio can find a lender, so Bassanio turns to the Jewish moneylender Shylock and names Antonio as the loan's guarantor.

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Merchant of Venice
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Merchant of Venice--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIRECTOR William ShakespearePolly Findlay STARRING Royal Shakespeare Makram KhouryPatsy FerranJamie BallardJacob Fortune-LloydJames Corrigan A rich merchant, Antonio is depressed for no good reason, until his good friend Bassanio comes to tell him how he's in love with Portia. Portia's father has died and left a very strange will: only the man that picks the correct casket out of three (silver, gold, and lead) can marry her. Bassanio, unfortunately, is strapped for cash with which to go wooing, and Antonio wants to help, so Antonio borrows the money from Shylock, the money-lender. But Shylock has been nursing a grudge against Antonio's insults, and makes unusual terms to the loan. And when Antonio's business fails, those terms threaten his life, and it's up to Bassanio and Portia to save him. Polly Findlay (Arden of Faversham, 2014) directs Shakespeare's uncompromising play with Makram J. Khoury, one of the most celebrated actors in Israel, in his RSC debut as Shylock. The cast also includes Patsy Ferran as Portia, also making her RSC debut following her role as Jim in Treasure Island at the National Theatre and Jamie Ballard, returning to the RSC as Antonio, following Written on the Heart and Measure for Measure (2011). The play is frequently staged today, but is potentially troubling to modern audiences because of its central themes, which can easily appear antisemitic. Critics today still continue to argue over the play's stance on the Jews and Judaism. Characters Antonio – a prominent merchant of Venice in a melancholic mood. Bassanio – Antonio's close friend; suitor to Portia; later the husband of Portia Gratiano – friend of Antonio and Bassanio; in love with Nerissa; later the husband of Nerissa.


The merchant of venice act, three scene, one solano and salarino, meet in a street of venice and reflect on the news that one more ship of antonio that was carrying expensive cargo wrecked in the english channel on the goodwin sands.

According to rumors, many ships sank at the same place.

Selanio wishes that the new rumor is a lie now what news on the rialto? Why? Yet it lives there unchecked that antonia has a ship of rich lading wrecked on the narrow seas, the goodwins, I think they call the place a very dangerous flat and fatal, where the carcass of many a tall ship lie buried, as they say.

If my gossip report be an honest woman of her word, why the end is he hath lost a ship? I would it might prove the end of his losses as they lament that antonio's fortunes are poor.

They're interrupted by solano asks about the news in the market blames them that they already knew that his daughter fled instead of consoling solano and salarino joke that they even know the tailor who stitched her clothes to disguise and flee.

You know none so well, none! So well as you of my daughter's flight that certain I, for my part, knew the tailor that made the wings she flew with all and, for his part, knew the bird was fledged and then it is the complexion of them all to leave the dam.

She is damned for it as laments that his own flesh and blood has deserted him.

The other two men are insensitive.

Salarino says that jessica was never like.

He says that there is greater difference between them than between coal and ivory.

There is no difference between thy flesh and hers than between jet and ivory.

More between your bloods than there is between red wine and renish, but tell us: do you hear whether antonio have had any loss at sea or no, the conversation shifts to antonio? They ask about antonio's lost ship and what he would do with a pound of antonio's flesh spews his venom on antonio? He says that even if can't eat antonio's flesh, it will feed his revenge.

He lists the cruelties to which antonio has subjected him simply because he is a jew debate, fish with all if it will feed nothing else.

It will feed my revenge, he hath disgraced me and hindered me half a million laughed at my losses, mocked at my gains, scorned, my nation thwarted.

My bargains cooled, my friends, heated mine enemies and what's his reason, I am a jew.

One of antonio's servants arrives at the place to announce that antonio would like to speak to solano and salarino as they leave tubal a jewish friend of enters with his own news.

Tubal returns from genoa where he had been looking for jessica.

He fails in finding her how now tubal what news from genoa, hast thou found.

My daughter, I often came where I did hear of her, but cannot find her laments the loss of his daughter, the money she took and the money he is spending on the fruitless search for her.

He wishes that his daughter were dead and laid out in her coffin at his feet with all the ducats inside it with her.

Why there there there a diamond, gone cost me 2, 000 ducats in frankfort.

The curse never fall upon our nation till now.

I never felt it till now.

2 000 ducats in that and other precious precious jewels.

I would my daughter were dead at my foot and the jewels in her year, tubal comforts by saying that other people too have bad luck.

He further says that a third ship of antonio was lost near tripoli, apparently antonio's, tripoli venture has failed and the man is practically ruined.

He adds that he spoke to a few sailors who survived.

The wreck is glad to hear about antonio's misfortune and he profusely thanks god.

Yes, other men have ill luck too.

Antonio, as I heard in genoa what what? What in luck, ill luck, hathan argosy cast away coming from tripolis.

I thank god.

I thank god.

Is it true? Is it true? I spoke with some of the sailors that escaped the wreck.

I thank thee.

Good two ball good news, good news where, in genoa, two ball adds fuel to the fire and conveys that jessica had spent 80 ducats in one night he says that jessica, traded, her turquoise ring for a monkey is pained, hear how his daughter squanders his hard-earned money and he curses her.

There came divers of antonio's creditors in my company to venice that swear.

He cannot choose but break.

I am very glad of it.

I plague him I'll torture, him, I am glad of it.

One of them showed me a ring that he had of your daughter for a monkey out upon her thou torturist me tubal.

It was my turquoise.

I had it of leah when I was a bachelor I would not have given it for a wilderness of monkeys is extremely delighted at antonio's utter ruin.

He sends tubal off to get an officer of the law so that they can prepare for the rightful collection of antonio's flesh at the forfeit.

He gloats that with antonio business will be better for him in venice.

He tells tubal to meet him later at the synagogue, but antonio is certainly undone.


That's true! That's very true.

Go to bulk feed me an officer.

We speak him a fortnight before I will have the heart of him if he forfeit for, were he out of venice? I can make what merchandise I will go, go to ball and meet me at our synagogue.



What happened in merchant of venice act 3 scene 1? ›

Act 3, scene 1 In Venice Solanio and Salarino have learned that the Italian ship wrecked in the English Channel was Antonio's. Shylock enters angry at Jessica's flight. He declares his intention of taking a pound of Antonio's flesh if Antonio is unable to repay the loan.

What does Shylock say in Act 3 Scene 1? ›

If it will feed nothing else, it will feed my revenge. He hath disgraced me, and hindered me half a million; laughed at my losses, mocked at my gains, scorned my nation, thwarted my bargains, cooled my friends, heated mine enemies, and what's his reason?

Where does Act 3 Scene 1 take place in Merchant of Venice? ›

Summary and Analysis Act III: Scene 1. In Venice, Salanio and Salarino are discussing the latest news on the Rialto, the bridge in Venice where many business offices are located. There is a rumor that a ship of Antonio's has been wrecked off the southeast coast of England.

What happens in Act 3 Scene 3 line by line Merchant of Venice? ›

Summary and Analysis Act III: Scene 3

Shylock refuses to be a "soft and dull-eyed fool" and "rent, sigh, and yield." He is absolutely certain that the Duke of Venice will see that justice is carried out according to the terms of the bargain. Salarino tries to comfort Antonio but is unsuccessful.

What is the significance of Salarino speech in Act 3 Scene 1? ›

Answer. Answer: Gratanio, Lorenzo and Bassanio comes at the end of Salarino's speech. He takes advantage of the situation and leaves by saying that the arrival of your worthy friends has made us to leave.

What is the detailed summary of Merchant of Venice Act 1 Scene 1? ›

Act 1 Scene 1

Bassanio admits to Antonio that he has run out of his own money and is in need of resources so that he can go to Belmont and woo Portia, an heiress. Antonio commits to helping Bassanio and promises that he will find someone to lend him the money, which he will then give to Bassanio.

What is important in Act 1 Scene 1 of Merchant of Venice? ›

Answer: The Act 1 Scene 1 in MOV mostly emphasises on Antonio's melancholic behaviour. The way he takes every happening negatively, and also how he thinks that his ships might have been wrecked at sea, make the audience understand that Antinio has given up on a happy life.

What happens in Act 1 of The Merchant of Venice short summary? ›

Act I. In Venice, a merchant named Antonio worries that his ships are overdue. As his colleagues offer comfort, his young friends—Bassanio, Graziano, and Lorenzo—arrive. Bassanio asks Antonio for a loan, so that he can pursue the wealthy Portia, who lives in Belmont.

What is Act 1 Scene 3 of The Merchant of Venice quotes? ›

  • Three thousand ducats, well. ...
  • Three thousand ducats. ...
  • If it please you to dine with us. ...
  • I hate him for he is a Christian. ...
  • He hates our sacred nation. ...
  • 'Fair sir, you spat on me Wednesday last, You spurn'd me such a day, another time you call'd me a dog; and for these courtesies I'll lend you thus much monies'

What are two aspects of Shylock character as revealed in Act 3 Scene 1? ›

Shylock is firm and adamant on his decision to take nothing but the penalty. His motive is to take revenge from his enemy and show the strength of his character that nothing can prevent him from his purpose.

Why does Shylock refuse to listen to Antonio in Act 3 Scene 3? ›

Antonio pleads with Shylock to listen, but Shylock refuses. Remembering the many times Antonio condemned him as a dog, Shylock advises the merchant to beware of his bite. Assured that the duke will grant him justice, Shylock insists that he will have his bond and tells the jailer not to bother speaking to him of mercy.

What is Ferdinand doing at the beginning of Act 3 Scene 1? ›

In this scene Ferdinand is piling up all the logs as Prospero has commanded him. He says he puts up with this task because he wants to see Miranda again. Miranda interrupts him and tries to make him stop so that he can talk to her instead. Prospero secretly watches them and is delighted they have fallen in love.

Who is tubal in merchant of venice act 3 scene 1? ›

Tubal is a wealthy Jew of Venice, who lends Shylock enough to make up the full three thousand ducats the latter lends to Antonio. Shylock sends him to track down Jessica, though he is unable to do so, only being able to make a list of all the bills she has run up over the course of her flight.

What is the alternative ending of the Merchant of Venice Act 3 Scene 1? ›

Answer. the alternative ending of the merchant of venice , act 3 scene 1 was like that shylock declared that he will surely fullfill his bond if Antonio will not able to pay him on time as by doing so.....he will get pleasure bcoz he will be able to revenge Antonio.

Who does Salarino wish my gossip to be in Act 3 Scene 1? ›

SALARINO : Why, the rumors are all saying that Antonio has a ship of rich cargo wrecked on the narrow seas; I think they call the place the Good wins, a very dangerous, flat, and fatal place, where the dead bodies of many tall ships are buried, as they say, if my gossip reporter is an honest woman of her word.

What happens in Scene 3 Act 2 of Merchant of Venice? ›

Summary: Act II, scene iii

Jessica gives Launcelot a letter to carry to Bassanio's friend Lorenzo, and Launcelot leaves, almost too tearful to say good-bye. Jessica, left alone, confesses that although she feels guilty for being ashamed of her father, she is only his daughter by blood, and not by actions.

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