🎮🌈 SCOTT RYDER & JAAL GAY ROMANCE - ALL CUTSCENES | Mass Effect: Andromeda | Gameplay Playthrough 🌈🎮 (2023)


🎮🌈 SCOTT RYDER & JAAL GAY ROMANCE - ALL CUTSCENES | Mass Effect: Andromeda | Gameplay Playthrough 🌈🎮

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So ja, so we haven't had a chance to talk alone.

You comfortable in here I took it.

It feels strange to stay with the others they are.

You are aliens and you're alien to us, so there we have something in come.

We can look at it as a place to start got it.

Perhaps then, if we're all aliens, it's about what kind of alien we are.

You had no idea about us, but you signed up to help us anyway.

Perhaps it had nothing to do with you care to elaborate I.

Do not.

How do you know more shy, surfer, she's our greatest mind on the remnant.

I was his student.

You studied the remnant to a little I was terrible, I quit or she threw me out.

One of those we're still very close, so is that your rifle it is now it's ket with my own modifications, I like to tinker to get my hands on something and take it apart.

That's a skill.

I know we can use, but I have one request.

Please don't take apart.

My ship you're right, I signed up volunteered before this.

It's exciting this something unique about you uneasy bra, but somehow profound face value.

That sounds like a compliment.

A nice one, it is I'm gonna, feel deeply.

We have more trouble, hiding our emotions than showing them.

I should get back to my work.

When we have downtime I'd love to watch your work, sure I could show everyone, no just us, so we can get to know each other better or just share a hobby.

Oh of course, good good job.

Thank you for checking, but I'm alright, don't know if I would be I have to be.

How else do we go on? You know? I may seem tough, but I have a good shoulder.

That's kind! Your kind I really miss my family.

At times like these.

Are you close to your family? You talk about family, a lot really I.

Guess it's just part of our culture.

Our families are large and we share our parents with the community.

We all have many mothers, my family's small and are you close I was am my mom and dad are dead.

My sister's really sick she's on the Nexus I'm kind of an orphan at the moment.

I'm sorry yeah.

Well, this random collection of tempest oddballs can feel like family, sometimes yeah, I never really felt.

I had a purpose, but here I do what about the resistance my place in the resistance is not what I'd like, but there Kira and I have looked up to you sure, but you are going to do something important writer, I feel it.

This is where I should be I like having you around specifically you because of my skill and knowledge, not really because you enjoy spending time with me as much as I do with you.

You do you're, fascinating, so bald, yet mysterious so odd.

That's thanks and I mean it.

Do you have a mate a partner I? Don't not for a long time, I'm gonna be direct, Angora direct, you're, great and I'm great.

We should hang out more like really hang out.

Hmm, that is direct.

Okay, just like that right, uh I, find you very attractive your mind.

Your being your heart to hang out would be a gift sincerely.

Oh good, then good! Hey Joe didn't mean to scare you what uh I'm I'm, not scared one.

Second, what's going on in here, you look busy if I'm busy my mind is occupied with whatever I'm working on rather than worrying.

I can see how that help.

I'd, like your advice on something I'm making gifts for everyone, I have a list.

Gifts, hmm, do torian's, like poetry, for Vitra, I'm, writing a poem and engraving it on well I'm, not sure.

Yet, who doesn't like a personalized poem great, maybe I could just recite it for her make sure I'm there for that.

Liam seems to like my rough, jean I might show him one.

He does do cookin like knives, I could craft his ceremonial and got an Tiger food black.

Who wouldn't want that? It's mainly decorative.

Would you like one ja? This is a lot of work.

What's really going on I'm sure that I seem confident and skilled to you, but I'm, not or I, don't feel like I am well I.

Think you're great that's! So it's true you're making me blush I can't tell my family is well known.

Our lineage is respected, and many of my kin have achieved great things: I've never been one of them, so many older, siblings and cousins, who succeeded as everything I stopped, trying to keep up right thanks for listening you're, not in anyone's shadow here, I believe in you, Joel I'm in the meeting room right behind you, writer, pulling up the message Joel, our mother, you always were short-sighted fool, helping an outsider instead of your own people, you're unfit to bear your family's name.

Okay, this guy's, really starting to piss me off.

He always was a Fisher, none better.

What someone pleased with his own we've, never gotten along he's just jealous of what you're the better man well I am better.

Looking axel wants us to do something reckless, let's not give him the satisfaction you more than anyone know how dangerous axel is.

Why were they allowed to speak with him? They aren't children anymore.

We can't control their every move.

You remember how you were please Joel, I'll bring them home.

Are you okay? Three of my brothers and sisters have joined the rock.

Our luck.

Soul has poisoned them with his hatred of aliens and your mother's want you to bring them back.

De roca have made camp at the forge many considered, the birthplace of our civilization, a soul likely believes this bold move will create more fanatics for his cause.


He has my family, but I.

Don't think I can do this alone on it.

You don't have to just tell me the time and place no hesitation.

That is what I love about you.

I, have a contact, who's been monitoring.

The roca I'll set up a rendezvous with her, but John want you to meet my friend Scott.

So you can see that uh crude is wrong.

Trust me.

We have as much to give you as you have to give us.

We all win.

They are here.

Let's give them a minute.

Thank you for trusting me.

Killing Axl would have made the trocar stronger.

He shot you I'm glad he did it exposed how far he'd fallen.

I was really worried, it would heal all scars.

Do we should get back I want to say goodbye before my family heads home, Hey, hello, my special friend how's, the face wound I, think my scar will be impressive.

Now, you're gonna, look even more badass and more appealing.

No doubt look at all the dates.

Drac gets.

Can you stay and talk some more I'll see you later ciao stay strong and clear, John John wait.

Is there bad news? No, no! The Pathfinder is interested in where I grew up Ryder.

This is my true mother, so Hoonah our mother.

How nice to meet you I, knowing girl, like the hugging giles, told me how much he admires.

You really he's my favorite.

It's not loyal kind, a great shot, writes poetry, I'm late for a resistance meeting, stay clear, your mother's in the resistance yes and every child is her favorite everyone.

This is Scott hi! Look who the in drag welcome back.

This is where I spent most of my days growing up me my sister corner, our cousin it and brother Finn.

Then babe, zoom Joel, you bring in someone special to meet us Wow cozy.

We like to live like this gonna give your friends some real food good to see you and here's my room, my tiny sanctuary.

We have a saying that I like home is where the heart is I, like that.

Oh no put this here, schematics uh when I was seven.

My aunt stole a cat weapon for me, so I took it apart to learn, and that is was a car Caen pet cockin outfit he died.

So I also took him about to learn.

Why not I don't show people these things you make.

My art see.

I want us to be together.

Yeah I'd, like that.

Yes, I adore you! Ah let me show you one more thing you might like lie down.

Okay, sure beautiful! You made that long ago.

It's not accurate more of a dream really just one more thing: I want to take apart and figure out, Joe and now I have someone to do it with my mother is going to love you I'm, sorry, hello! Scott! Have you come to see if I'm finally broken to see what discovering that my people were invented has done to me.

This is huge, I'd, be flipping tables, no, not upset what you normally let your emotions fly.

True then gotta are usually very free with our feelings now talking about all in daraa I'm.

Talking about you claim no I'm in or there's a peace in.

Knowing that, though, the universe is beyond your understanding, it doesn't need your understanding to function that you may even have a hidden destiny.

Does it matter your people aren't shackled to this new discovery? I agree.

We don't owe anything to the Jordan.

Our destiny is our own I'm, not broken writer I'm excited the Angora were created for a purpose.

We were given votes and golden worlds.

All these advanced tools, and there is nothing of it.

Kent can do about it.

The future holds more for the young Gaara, then never-ending war, baquette much more I, really love that you can be so open and vulnerable with me.

Thank you.

You make me feel safe.

It doesn't matter if we were created by a god reborn from our ancestors or exist is the dream of an AI superpower.

This discovery changes nothing except ourselves and that's everything.

It smells like heaven heaven.

Maybe it is take a look.

How is this place not packed with people right now? No I have my ways.

Trust me.

We won't be disturbed.

Hey thanks, you're amazing, beautiful I may never leave.

This is my favorite place in the universe.

Where's yours on the east coast of Australia there's a beach.

The ocean changes color like it, has a mood.

The hours days, I spent chasing the perfect wave so addicted addicted to the ocean.

Hmm, but you're right.

This place is special and now with you here, it's perfect beyond all reason: I've fallen in love with you and I want.

Do you want to yeah I'd like that? Come with me into the water? Oh okay, yep Joel! You are the most incredible person I have ever known.

We knew you is training wherever you go.

Take me with you, I love.

You too job beautiful, I may never leave.

This is my favorite place in the universe.

Where's yours haven't found it it's out there somewhere, yeah I, get that but you're right, this place is special and I want.

Do you want to? Let's enjoy this moment, just as it is okay, this is a really good moment.

Scott, hmm, you are the most incredible person I have ever known to be near.

You is thrilling wherever you go.

Take me with you.

I love you too job to be near.

You is thrilling wherever you go.

Take me with you: okay, Joe, okay, hello, Joe, Dave, Shea, I, never imagined that I'd fall for an alien you're, the alien.

No you are! No.

You are I wanted to follow you in the best way.

I'll see you later, Joe stay strong darling.

One did you get my message doesn't matter, I have exciting news, and I wanted to tell you in person.

Should I sit down? Is that another idiom or yes, of course, do what you like yeah it's an idiom.

That means never mind.

I've been offered an advancement in the resistance and my own command.

That's great I'm, happy for you, but you don't sound another idiom kinda.

So when did this happen recently, you know that I wasn't satisfied with my position and direction in the resistance or life.

True, very true.

Yes, after my successes with you, they see me with new eyes, but, more importantly, so do I.

Would you consider turning it down? We've come to rely on you around here.

Some of us, even like you, I, know a lot.

Some of us like you, a whole lot me too.

Okay, then, should we head back to aya? Why I'm not taking the position, but that's crazy.

It's what you wanted.

What I wanted? Yes, but not what I needed, not what I need with your help, I broke free of expectation, I found my better self, that's one of the nicest things anyone has said to me seriously: good, no, really, you've changed too I think more open, likey, true and Gaara perfect.

So you stuck with me now, at least until this all plays out.

Besides, you need me, they'll push your luck, but luck, country pushed it comes to us in idiom yep, it's all doing.

Okay, he told me about you and him this might be crossing a line, but could you give me details? You know for science well sure if Joel's, okay with it I think he will be since it's for science.

Of course, purely clinical we'll help Sam send you the details.

This could have amazing settlement implications.

Thanks for the insight I'll, let you get back to it.

I'll be here.

If you need me, this might be crossing a line.

But could you give me details? You know for science, no Lexi, but just know he was a sidekick.

They die like goldfish, no acting like overacting.

Even writer could do better if I wanted to.

Oh, yes, please come on, show us I'll be dead for you, okay I swear to love you a thousand times a thousand stars, Oh George.

So many years lost, we were so foolish.

Our hearts are one no enemy fleet, no sea of stars can ever separate us again.

Here you are your speech rivaled anything I've heard ephra give and speaking of him, he sent a list of all the preparations.

The resistance has made.

You seemed so confident and calm in spite of.

What's on the line, my heart hurts for your burden, I'm excited and terrified, and angry and I just don't know ja.

You are the light that we all follow that I follow it's a lot to live up to, but yeah I'm gonna do this.

Yes, you are Sammis broadcasting.

The victory across the cluster is celebrating - you did it.

No, we did it.

You are amazing, my darling, 1 Joe, your affections are so loud.

Sometimes yours can be too right.

Ah I think you're blushing, you accomplished the inconceivable I'm grateful to be part of it couldn't have done it without you and the resistance.

But mostly you, that's kind.

I'm glad I rose to meet your expectations.

To think that when we met the Angora and your initiatives struggled to find trust the way we arrived on Iowa's over the top, you know uninvited and on fire agreed I.

Guess it worked out.

Ok, writer, the young Gaara, will never forget how you saved them astray, but more than that, we'll never forget how you fought the cat beside us, how we destroyed the Archon Meridian League is a new beginning for your people and mine together.

What I care about most, though, is our new beginning him.

One day my love will have a place of our own and I'll hold you close looking out over a beautiful world that we created.

Are we staying heading out? Hmm, whatever you need.


Can I flirt with everyone Andromeda? ›

Feel free to flirt with everyone at first. You'll have the option to commit once your relationship develops, and flirting with one character won't hurt your chances with another, as far as we can tell.

Can female Ryder romance Cora? ›

Cora Harper is a human female who can only be romanced by the male Ryder twin. She is one of seven romance characters for Ryder and is also one of the six unlockable squadmates you can add to your team.

How many lovers can you have in Mass Effect: Andromeda? ›

Mass Effect: Andromeda: All 10 Romance Options For Ryder.

Can you romance Addison Andromeda? ›

If you have your eye on another character and they aren't on the above list, you're out of luck! That means no romance with squadmate Drack, or Nexus / Tempest characters such as Addison, Tann or Lexi.

Can you romance Peebee if you sleep with her? ›

Keep it casual. Peebee won't care if you're dating anyone else. This option gives you a sex scene with Peebee and you'll be able to casually have sex with her after.

Can you sleep with Peebee more than once? ›

1 Answer. You can sleep with PeeBee and continue to do so, so long as you're not fully committed to someone (Some relationships aren't full commitments). See the romance guide.

Can Ryder romance Suvi? ›

Players completing the game using the female Ryder twin have an exclusive chance to hook up with Suvi, the human science officer aboard the Pathfinder's ship, The Tempest. Unfortunately the male Ryder twin doesn't have any options to romance this character, so you will need to play as the female twin.

Can you romance Suvi as male Ryder? ›

Female Ryder only. Exclusive relationship. Suvi is hard to miss, as she's based on the Bridge and you see her with every mission. Keep up the flirting, then once Mission 4: Hunting The Archon is complete you should reach a scene with the option to commit.

Who is better Peebee or Cora? ›

Cora was neck-and-neck (not in the romantic sense) with Peebee for nearly the entire length of the poll, both jockeying back and forth at 28 percent of the vote. But Cora finally managed to pull ahead in the end, securing a slim-but-decisive victory at 29 percent.

What is Peebee's real name? ›

Pelessaria B'Sayle, nicknamed Peebee, is an asari member of Ryder's squad. She is young for an asari, giving her age as "100 and change." A lone wolf and adventurer at heart, she originally came to Andromeda aboard the Nexus but quickly left and went adventuring on her own before encountering Ryder's team.

Can male Ryder romance Liam? ›

A male Ryder can flirt with Liam, but when directly asked he turns it down as he's not into guys.

Can you sleep with everyone in Mass Effect: Andromeda? ›

Romance is a wonderful thing, and your customizable hero Ryder is allowed to fall in love (or lust) with a wide swathe of aliens and allies in Mass Effect: Andromeda, both on the Tempest and off.

Who is the best male romance in Andromeda? ›

Gil Brodie

If you're going the gay route, go with Gil. This male, human engineer is a great shipmate, and best of all, his romance has (what we think) is the best storyline. Don't forget to follow up with Gil after you've finished with Andromeda's main quests.

Does sleeping with Keri affect other romances? ›

Keri T'Vessa will have a fling with Ryder that will not impact romance with other characters (even if another romance is already locked in).

Is Cora an Asari? ›

Cora received no preferential treatment from the Daughters' CO Nisira T'Kosh, leaving her no choice but to measure up through additional training and study. She loved the experience though, and developed an asari mindset in her four years with the unit.

How old is Peebee in human years? ›

Intergenerational Friendship: Drack is around 1400 years old, Peebee is around 100 though in Asari standards that makes her the same age as Ryder and Lexi is 275 years old. Interspecies Friendship: Ryder becomes a good friend to Lexi (who they can flirt with though she turns them down), Drack and Kallo.

What happens if I hug Liara? ›

After dealing with the Shadow Broker, choose to hug Liara to see the couple share a kiss. Liara will begin to talk about their relationship, and players can press the Paragon prompt to kiss her again. This will be available even to those who like playing Renegade in Mass Effect.

Should I let Peebee save Kalinda or not? ›

Intercept Kalinda.

As this mission reaches its climax, you'll get a quick time event that gives you the option to shoot Kalinda — if you do, you'll get the rem-tech, but if you let Peebee save her, you'll get a present from her and she'll show up at the end of the game.

Is Peebee a boy and a girl? ›

Peebee is a female Asari who can be romanced in Mass Effect: Andromeda by either male or female Ryder.

Can you romance Peebee and Suvi at the same time? ›

Liam, Jaal, Vetra, and Peebee can all be romanced as squadmates, plus Suvi of the other Tempest crew, and Avela, Keri, and Reyes of the supporting characters.

Can you date Suvi? ›

Suvi is a female scientist who works with you on the Tempest, and unlike a few other romance options, Suvi is not one of the squadmates you can unlock. You will still need to speak with her over the course of the game, and romancing her will go towards unlocking all Achievements and Trophies.

Does Suvi have a romance scene? ›

Once you're done reading Suvi's email, enter the Nexus and make trails to the Tech Lab. Suvi is waiting for you there. Interact with her and follow the prompts to initiate the romance scene.

Is male or female Ryder canon? ›

Thankfully, Mass Effect: Andromeda presents a solution. In the latest PlayStation Access, BioWare's Mac Walters revealed that the male and female versions of the new player avatar, Ryder, are both canonically correct. In fact, they are siblings.

How to seduce Suvi? ›

To romance Suvi, just flirt with her whenever the option arises: you don't need to agree with her opinions in order to hold her interest, since she has a mature attitude to debate. Keep an eye on your email and eventually you'll receive a missive which invites you to kick off the full romance.

Can you romance Suvi Anwar? ›

Mass Effect: Andromeda Suvi Anwar romance guide: She's only in it for the ladies. If Suvi's Scottish accent just drives you nuts, you'll be happy to know that unlike your similarly accented medical officer Lexi, she's fully romance-able — that is, provided you're playing as a female Ryder.

Can male Shepard romance Jacob? ›

Courting Jacob Taylor

Jacob is unique in that since he's acquired at the start of the game, Shepard can express interest in him far earlier than other Squad Mates. Despite this, the Romance won't progress at all until you've completed his Loyalty Mission.

What race is Peebee? ›

Peebee, an asari, is a lone wolf and adventurer at heart. She came to Andromeda aboard the Nexus, but true to her character, quickly went off adventuring on her own.

Is Cora the daughter of the Illusive Man? ›

Cora shares the same surname with the Illusive Man, founder and leader of Cerberus, however there is currently no information regarding whether or not the two are related or the names are, in fact, simply a coincidence. Her hobbies include gardening and watering plants.

Can you romance Cora and Peebee at the same time? ›

You can, all you need to do is flirt with both but stop once you have sex with Peebee. She starts on casual sex route while Cora waits till you fully romance her.

Where is Peebee baby from? ›

Pelessaria B'Sayle
OriginPort Lerama, Hyetiana
Height167 cm
Weight52 kg
8 more rows

What is Peebee's personality? ›

Personality and traits

Described as intelligent but socially blunt, Peebee walks to her own daredevil drumbeat and has an unrivaled thirst for adventure. She's pathologically independent but manages to maintain a loose, even friendly spirit.

Who is the easiest romance in Mass Effect: Andromeda? ›

PeeBee is one of the most easily romanced characters in the game. She's reluctant to enter a committed relationship but will not shy away from flirting.

Can you romance Vetra as a female? ›

It's important to know that Vetra can be romanced by either the male or female Ryder — although apparently it takes a bit longer with the female Ryder.

Who can you romance in Mass Effect one? ›

Whether you play as a Male Shepard or Female Shepard, you have two romance options in Mass Effect 1: Kaidan Alenko, a reserved soldier who is talented with biotics. Female Shepard only. Liara T'Soni, a curious but knowledgeable Asari scientist. Available for any Shepard.

Can you sleep with Tali and Miranda? ›

You can romance, and get the sex scene with both of them. Just do all the romantic talks with Miranda until the point where she tells you that she'll come by when things are quiet and with Tali until she asks you to chose (doesn't matter what you say to her, that conversation will repeat indefinitely).

Can you sleep with the Asari consort? ›

As a reward, the Consort will give you a "gift of words" — this speech is dependant on the choices you made when creating your Psychological Profile and Pre-Service History. If you choose "That's it?" after the gift of words, you will initiate a sexual encounter with the Consort.

Can you play as your twin in Mass Effect: Andromeda? ›

Mass Effect: Andromeda has a very detailed character generator, and lead designer Ian Frazier reveals that it can be applied to both of the Ryder twins.

Who is Commander Shepard's true love? ›

As a potential romance that spans the entirety of the Mass Effect trilogy (even if her best moments in ME2 are limited to the Shadow Broker DLC), Shepard's relationship with Liara is one of the most complete and genuine in the original games.

Who can male Hawke romance? ›

In Dragon Age II, Hawke can pursue a romance with five companions: Isabela, a rogue pirate captain; Merrill, a young Dalish elf; Anders, an apostate mage who was formerly a Grey Warden; Fenris, an elf and former Tevinter slave; and Sebastian, a DLC companion.

Can male Shepard romance Kelly? ›

Kelly is a potential romance option for both male and female Shepard, though romancing her doesn't affect any relationship Shepard might have, whether it is with their current squad member or love interest in 2183. Shepard can flirt with Kelly anytime prior to the suicide mission.

Can you renegade romance Ashley? ›

Once you have a Locked In Romance, then when you go to Ilos and start the one-way ticket to the end of the game, Ashley will approach Shepard in their quarters. This is when you'll get the Romance Scene, unless you turn Ashley away with Renegade choices.

Should I agree with Kallo or Gil? ›

According to personal experience — and backed up by SegmentNext — you can side with either Gil or Kallo with no real consequences throughout the rest of the game. You can see the dialogue options play out in the video above. It's still an interesting character interaction.

Can I still romance Miranda? ›

How to Romance Miranda in Mass Effect 3. Once the priority mission "Palaven" has ended, complete one more mission to receive a message from Miranda on Shepard's private terminal. Head to Docking Bay D24 on the Citadel and pick "Nothing's changed" to ensure a romance continues with Miranda.

Why are Asari all female? ›

However asari gender is defined, they are innately different from humans, for asari can mate and successfully reproduce with any other gender or species through a form of parthenogenesis. Although they have one gender, they are not asexual and do in fact require a partner to reproduce.

Why is Asari blood purple? ›

Specifically, it was found that the natural reserves of Element Zero found on the Asari planet could be the reason for this difference. If the Element Zero acts as a semiconductor then the violet colour of Asari blood could be a direct consequence of the quantum dot nature of Element Zero.

Do male Asari exist? ›

You see, though the asari are a parthenogenetically reproducing race with only one biological sex, they essentially look like blue human women with fancy head-tentacles — and they're all female.

Does romancing Peebee affect other relationships? ›

Peebee will have a fling with Ryder multiple times that will not impact romance with other potential romantic partners until the romance is locked in. Once a romance is locked in, the flirting option that leads to flings with Peebee will no longer appear on the conversation wheel.

Can you romance both Cora and Peebee? ›

You can, all you need to do is flirt with both but stop once you have sex with Peebee. She starts on casual sex route while Cora waits till you fully romance her.

Who is the best person to romance in Andromeda? ›

PeeBee is one of the most easily romanced characters in the game. She's reluctant to enter a committed relationship but will not shy away from flirting.

How old is Peebee Mass Effect? ›

Pelessaria B'Sayle, nicknamed Peebee, is an asari member of Ryder's squad. She is young for an asari, giving her age as "100 and change." A lone wolf and adventurer at heart, she originally came to Andromeda aboard the Nexus but quickly left and went adventuring on her own before encountering Ryder's team.

Is Peebee romance good? ›

Peebee's rambunctious personality may not be for every player, but she's definitely got one of the best romances in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Is it possible to romance Suvi? ›

Once you're done reading Suvi's email, enter the Nexus and make trails to the Tech Lab. Suvi is waiting for you there. Interact with her and follow the prompts to initiate the romance scene.

How many lovers can you have in Mass Effect? ›

The Basics. Whether you play as a Male Shepard or Female Shepard, you have two romance options in Mass Effect 1: Kaidan Alenko, a reserved soldier who is talented with biotics. Female Shepard only.

Can you date Peebee? ›

Peebee is a female Asari who can be romanced in Mass Effect: Andromeda by either male or female Ryder. Peebee is one of many romance options that are available to the player, but as with most relationships, there are many steps involved before you can seal the deal.

Who is the best romance option for male Shepard? ›

Jack. Many Mass Effect players believe that Jack is the best romance option in the game, and I can see why. Out of all the romance-able characters in Shepard's crew, Jack is the character who is the most fundamentally changed by Shepard's love.

Can Shepard romance EDI? ›

EDI In Mass Effect 3

EDI is not romanceable by Shepard in Mass Effect 3. EDI can, however, pursue a relationship with Joker depending on Shepard's conversation choices: Talk to EDI and Joker in the Presidium Commons early in the game.

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