Quick and delicious, 17 best healthy fruit dip recipes (2024)

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ByAmy Roskelley

Delicious and simple healthy fruit dip recipe! Bring to a party or just keep in the fridge for healthy snacking. Clean eating never tasted this good!

Some of these healthy fruit dips are high in protein, some are vegan, I have a keto one, low carb dips, and some are low calorie. All of them are quick and easy to make, sweet, and full of creamy deliciousness!

Quick and delicious, 17 best healthy fruit dip recipes (1)

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What fruits are good for dipping?

Fruits that are good for dipping are usually easy to pick up with your hand or a pick of some sort. They also should be able to hold their shape well. Some of our favorites are:

  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Bananas
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberries

The Ultimate Healthy Fruit Dip Roundup

  1. Cookies an Cream {Greek Yogurt} With Greek yogurt and protein powder, this healthy fruit dip is 28 grams of protein for a High protein dip. Perfect for strawberries!
  2. Creamy caramel fruit dip Made with Greek yogurt and pudding mix, this healthy, delicious creamy caramel fruit dip has 17 grams protein, and no fat.
  3. Low fat peanut butter With Greek yogurt and low fat peanut butter powder, this healthy fruit dip is delicious with apples or pears.
  4. High protein peanut butter Definitely my most popular dip, this combines dates, vanilla protein powder, and peanut butter powder. While NOT low in calories, it is high in protein and soooo tasty!
Quick and delicious, 17 best healthy fruit dip recipes (2)
  1. Strawberry protein fluff– Protein fluff was new to me when I started my bikini prep. It’s a blend of protein powder with xantham gum to make a fluffy, mousse like texture. Try it out with this strawberry flavored one for 27 grams of protein!
  2. High protein chocolate – If you are looking for a low calorie chocolate dip, this one is 100 calories for the whole bowl. Greek yogurt, vanilla extract, cocoa, and honey is all you need!
  3. 3 Ingredient Coconut – A healthy coconut dip with only three ingredients. Greek yogurt, coconut, and syrup! Very good for you, and your kids.
  4. Caramel Apple cream cheese– I love that this dip is apple pie flavored! Using apple pie spice, dates, vanilla, cream cheese, and sour cream, it’s definitely one that we love.
Quick and delicious, 17 best healthy fruit dip recipes (3)
  1. Cookie Dough Dip– How can you go wrong with cookie dough flavored ANYTHING? But this cookie dough is especially healthy with beans, oats, and almond butter. When I made this, I subbed the brown sugar for zero calorie Golden monk sugar to lower the calories. And THIS dip is to die for!! I LOVE IT!! In total, the recipe made 2 cup of dip. So, I calculated 25 calories PER TABLESPOON with my substitute. Just remember to go easy on it, and not eat the whole bowl!
  2. Cheesecake with sprinkles – 52 grams of protein! YES PLEASE! Greek yogurt, with banana blended in, fat free cream cheese, and topped with sprinkles!
  3. Creamy Diet Dip cool whip– I used to do this all the time when I was a teenager, but basically, fruit flavored yogurt mixed with light whipped topping! I STILL DO IT!
  4. Weight Watchers Strawberry Fruit Dip– Made with a sugar free strawberry jello packet, marshmallow creme, and fat free whipped topping! This one is super creamy and low in calories.
Quick and delicious, 17 best healthy fruit dip recipes (4)
  1. Skinny Orange Fluff Fruit Dip– Mmm.. I was looking for a healthy fruit dip that would remind me of orange creamsicle! Most I found were not healthy, until this one! Orange yogurt, frozen OJ concentrate, fat free cream cheese, and some fat free whipped topping, all make this creamy orange fruit dip!
  2. Vanilla Almond Fruit dip– From a diabetes recipe site, this low carb dip is almond flavored, and has only 52 calories per serving. It’s fat free half and half, mixed with some sugar free pudding mix! Brilliant!
  3. Keto chocolate chip peanut butter dip– not low fat (since it’s keto), but for sure high in satiety! Peanut butter, cream cheese, and heavy cream, it has to be amazing!
  4. Skinny Churro cream cheese– so clever! Cinnamon blended with cream cheese, vanilla, and a sweetener! I’d LOVE to dip some apples in this light churro fruit dip!
  5. Cashew Sweet Cream Vegan– I love these vegan dips, beacause they are usually made with a blend of nuts and something naturally sweet! This healthy dip only uses cashes, dates, and vanilla for a sweet, healthy treat!

Which one are you going to try first?

Also, follow my pinterst board for healthy fruit and veggie dips!

Quick and delicious, 17 best healthy fruit dip recipes (6)

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Quick and delicious, 17 best healthy fruit dip recipes (7)

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Quick and delicious, 17 best healthy fruit dip recipes (2024)
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