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First news: Andrea Evans star of One Life to Live and The Young, and the Restless Dead at 66.

The actress who Rose to fame playing teenager Tina Lord on One Life to Live died of cancer on Sunday Andrea Evans has died at age 66., Don, Carroll, Evan's, former manager confirmed to people that the daytime star died on Sunday from cancer.

Her current manager Nick liked also confirmed her death, telling people I've been working with Andrea for the past seven years.

She was such a tremendous talent and an absolute joy to work with Evans was best known for starring as troubled teenager Tina Lord on One Life to Live and later as Paddy Weaver on The Young and the Restless.

She was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for outstanding engineer in a Drama Series in 1988 for her performance as Tina for her work as Vivian price in the web series.

Divinity Evans earned another Daytime Emmy nomination in 2015 for outstanding performer in a new approaches, drama series, her other prominent television roles, included Rebecca Hotchkiss on passions and Patty Walker on the bay.

She also appeared in films such as a low-down, dirty, shame, ice cream man and hit list, as well as several TV movies.

The actress abruptly left One Life to Live in the 1990s to take a career break, after which she largely stayed out of the public eye.

Evans told people in 2008 that her decision had been influenced by her experience with a stalker.

It's forever changed me.

She said there's no way it could not that same year, the actress reprised her role as Tina, with a guest appearance on One Life to Live series executive producer, Frank, Valentini, told TV Guide that her return had been among fans top demands for a while before it came to fruition, and though Andrea has not appeared on oltl since 1990, she has remained among the most requested characters to return to the show Valentini said at the time, I welcome her home to oltl and to the role where she made an indelible mark on our audience.

The actress also released her own statement about her return.

For many years.

Both fans of mine and One Life to Live have wanted me to return.

She said now that the timing is right: I'm thrilled to be returning to the role of Tina, which I've always held near and dear to my heart.

Evans is survived by her husband, Steven Rodriguez, whom she married in 1998 and their daughter Kylie.

She was previously married to her One Life to Live co-star Wayne Massey from 1981 to 1983.

Second, news: actor: Jeffrey Carlson, who played a groundbreaking trans character in U.S daytime soap.

All my children has died aged 48., the death of the acclaimed stage and Screen star was announced on Sunday July 9 by various sources, including timeouts New, York, theater critic, Adam Feldman, the Shakespeare Theater Company STC and Carlson's Hamlet co-star Susan Hart, all of whom offered heartfelt tributes to the actor Carlson whose cause of death is not yet known, enjoyed a rich, acting career becoming a Broadway Legend in roles such as Marilyn in taboo 2003-2004, Billy and Edward Albee's, the goat or who is Sylvia and Lee blessing in Thief River.

While on screen he appeared in 2005's, Will, Smith, LED, comedy hitch.

The role that Carlson is best known for, however, is their groundbreaking transgender character, Zoe in long-running ABC daytime soap, All My Children, which ran from 1970 to 2011.

Carlson first appeared on the series in August 2006 as British rock stars aref.

Just months later.

In November he helped change the U.S media landscape by portraying daytime TV's.

First, recurring trans role after their character came out as trans woman named Zoe Carlson, whose mother reportedly named him.

After all, my children, character, Jeff Martin appeared in 59 episodes of the show, as Zoe's coming out journey was shared with an audience of Millions All My Children, star Eden Regal, who played lesbian character in Zoe's love interest, Bianca shared her sorrow at the news tweeting devastated beyond measure to hear of the passing of the beautiful and gifted Jeffrey Carlson I feel fortunate to have called this kind soul a friend and see His Brilliant work up close gone far too soon.

An unimaginable loss love you Jeffrey best friend, third news.

Former national team player s Jordan sentels, has died at the age of 44.

as Jordan sentels.

Also seen in the Danish men's national football team has died at the age of 44., Seno's wife told about it on her Facebook account.

Sennos was diagnosed with cancer.

Less than a year ago, he played 215 matches in the Danish Premier League in the shirt of viberg and Brawn by sennells, who played as a left.

Defender was seen twice in the national team shirt in 2003-2004.

The latter match was a friendly match against Finland my beautiful person, my handsome husband, beloved father of children, my best friend passed away today, I love you always Seno's, wife, Marie wrote, senos wrote on Facebook.

We have received the sad news that s John Cena's has passed away.

He will forever have a place in the history of Viber fighter club man winner rest in peace, viberg wrote on Twitter after his Sports career senos worked as a teacher and taught, among other things, philosophy, history, religion and Visual Arts at silkboard, High, School, fourth news.

After an outstanding career of more than 65 years in the world of afro-latin Music in Venezuela, the singer, Canela de Medina passed away last Monday in Caracas, an artist described very appropriately by the producer music critic and chronicler Federico pakanins.

As a true lady who, ethically and aesthetically, reflected it absolutely in her art singing.

Since she projected that popular refinement translated into an impeccable pronunciation and an observation of all the natural rules.

That vocalization has a native of La Guerra on March 6 1939.

She began professionally in music in 1957 at the early age of 18 as a member of Sonora Caracas, but not before.

Having performed on amateur music programs on the radio of the time, a journey that began in 1955 at the Caracas radio station radio continente his referent was the Cuban interpreter, Celia Cruz, who, incidentally, on a visit to Venezuela in 1948 as part of a show with Los moladas de Fuego, had recorded an album, backed by Sonora Caracas, where canelada stayed for seven years.

A Prelude of a professional career that threw out more than six decades left an imprint marked by excellence and perseverance, Carlos Guerra.

The composer was equally important in her career hackenans points out, as was Pedro J Bellisario.

She also recorded an album with Victor Pinero and later she spent the entire internship as the leading female salsa voice in Venezuela, because she does which kisses, which hits a lot on the radio back by Federico y Su, combo Latino then comes the time of the scenario Classico Del Caribe, with which she records red roses.

His other great success in a last stage, Andy Duran, also presented it points out pakenings, who also highlights that he was very aware of his qualities and where he wanted to direct his art.

She didn't lend herself, except to styles, that she considered related to what she did.

She sang Sun, arrows, gorachas boleros, and she did it with the classic ingredients.

Sun arrows, afro-latinos, Lil Rodriguez, a popular music scholar, says of her that she had an unmistakable voice both for its Timbre and for its sweetness for that particular way of interning with that sweet Force, because she never wanted.

To impose herself, she was always her with a gift of people and a truly Unforgettable charisma.

It was a lady with all the letters of the word.

Lady Federico pakanins reiterates this time about the singer's way of being she.

She was a discreet woman, very well spoken.

She did not like vulgarities rudeness excesses.

She gave respect and asked for respect.

She had no vices.

She was funny because she seemed grumpy, but that was an act of hers because she laughed at it.



Tina Turner. Singer Tina Turner (November 26, 1939-May 24, 2023) had a smoldering voice and aggressive dance moves that powered a five-decade career as one of the biggest stars in rock music.

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Tina Turner. Singer Tina Turner (November 26, 1939-May 24, 2023) had a smoldering voice and aggressive dance moves that powered a five-decade career as one of the biggest stars in rock music.

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Cormac McCarthy (1933-2023)
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Jeff Beck, Master Rock Guitarist, Dead at 78. The rocker's family confirmed the news in a statement.

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