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Let's get that thomas toy- oh my god! Oh my god, are you bleeding dude wait! No! What's going on the train, who transforms into an evil centipede during the devil's hour is back, mcdonald's has released their most recent collaboration and it's very limited.

It is exclusive to only certain provinces in canada.

Now I've been waiting for this collaboration for a very long time, and I am glad to announce that they have finally made some thomas, the tank engine happy meals.

Now we're not just looking for any toy we're not looking for the normal thomas's tank engine toy, we're looking for something much much more special by now.

If you didn't know, if you go to mcdonald's at three o'clock in the morning the devil's hour, you tend to get some things that you might not expect in a regular happy meal.

Now, let me get in the car and I'll explain a little bit more now.

The toy that we are trying to look for tonight is the thomas, the tank engine dot exe.

If you haven't heard of thomas.exe, he is thomas, the tank engine, which I'm sure everyone has heard of his evil brother.

That's right! You heard me right.

Thomas, the tank engine has an evil brother and this brother is something far more terrifying than you could have ever imagined.

Now I have a hunch that if we go to mcdonald's at three o'clock in the morning straight, if we order the thomas the tank engine happy meal, they will give us the exe toy.

I don't know if that's true but we're gonna try.

I think, you're right now.

As I said at the beginning, there are limited stocks, so I think we should hurry the heck up.

Let's go ah slow down, bro, I'm not even driving yet bro we're still stopped.

I should get my seatbelt on yeah me too, see those uh, big beautiful golden arches.

I think I do you guys see that right there it says 302.

hi! Yes, can I get the uh the thomas, the train uh happy meal that you guys have yes yep? Is it the uh, the special one? Oh my god? Okay, awesome, yeah I'll.

Take that with a chocolate, milk and uh, maybe like a hamburger, okay sounds good.

Let's go, let's go perfect, it's gonna, be so good check it out guys.

Let's go! Oh my god.

There's no way did they give us the that's the oh, it is the exe version.

Bro, don't crash! Thank you, mcdonald's! That's awesome! Bro, okay, let's, let's go open this up.

Okay, are you ready? I am ready.

This is pretty creepy man.

Why does he look like that? Bro? I don't know, but dude I'm excited to see.

What's inside honestly, like I can't wait, I just can't wait.

Let's get that thomas toy! Oh my god, there's a toy look! There's literally a toy wow yeah baby.

We got a thomas toy.

Oh wait that looks a little weird.

He's got no like blood on his face.

Yeah, it kind of looks like just the regular tom.

Did we get scammed bro, but the box, it literally says literally exe right there and the person on the mic said that it was it.

I don't know.

Maybe it's got.

Maybe it's got some sort of special properties or thomas.

What it's kind of bloody you see that thomas, it's kind of like the texas right, it's kind of red yeah.

I don't know anyways it's hard to see, but let's see what's inside, what's wrong! Look at this! Oh god yep.

What is that you think? Oh that's disgusting! It's literally! Oh my god! Look you guys it's literally pencil thin and that's from the side.

Dude! That's literally like a 2d freaking.

Oh my god, that's literally, two d, fries from mcdonald's and they're, still warm.

The grease is literally seeping through the bag.

How much has been crushed? Why did they give it to us like this? I don't know bro, we should know what does the burger look like yeah? I was gonna say what is that? Is it just as bad? No, it's just as bad! Oh, my god look at that.

It smells disgusting.

What is that smell? I don't know they must have put something in there.

Bro look at that guys! Bro! You know what it wait.

What the hell is.

This look at that there's like piece of paper stuck to it.

Oh, what the hell! I didn't even notice.

This that's disgusting.

Let me put that back in there.

What does that say? It's just like a bunch of numbers.

What the hell! That's weird, I'm gonna, see if there's more in here wait.

Wait is says something wait.

It says something check this out.

It says 45 36., there's another one yeah it seems to be.

Is that, like a like a coordinate or something yeah, it looks like a 36 8705, seven minus 75, um, six, six, four, five, one, seven, five! What the dude you wanna, pull up your phone and see where that goes.

Okay, so we got four five, thirty, six, eight seven, oh five and then negative.

Seventy five negative.

Seventy five point: six, four: five, one, seven five! I wonder where this brings us.

Oh very, very strange.

Yeah, look! Look some sort of map: okay, google maps.

How close is it? I don't know 20 22 minutes, 22 minutes, that's that's pretty close.

We can go there, 22 minutes.

Let's see I mean if you want to try what do you think uh? I think that's a sign bro! It's literally in the freaking happy meal with crushed food thomas, but what if it's something like sketchy like? I don't know, oh what, if there's a toy at, do you know where where'd you put the toilet? Oh it's right here.

It looks like regular, thomas right yeah.

What if we bring this to the coordinates, maybe it'll turn him into thomas.exe.

You know what that might.

That might be the case.

Okay, let's do it honestly, let's go bro like what are the chances, we're going to pick up a thomas tank engine toy and there's an actual train crossing the middle of night, like literally like the same time we get the thomas toy.

We have the train, so is it thomas maybe like? Why is it passing at dude like three o'clock in the morning is more weird and there's? Is there anybody on the train? I can't even like tell that game.

It's so weird.

Let's just wait it out.

I guess.

Okay, we are here it's kind of weird bro, we're like in the middle of a neighborhood.

It's it's not here.


I think what I think it's down this path here.

According to the gps right over there, oh down here yeah all right: let's do it, let's head out: where is it taking us? I don't know bro, but I guess this toy wants us to be here.

For some reason, is he changing yet I don't know, I don't see anything.

What is the? What does the the direction say? Are we still going right away down this path? Yeah, okay, we're getting real nice fun! Oh we've been walking for 20 minutes, and this path is literally like so strange, like it's so wide when we got here, the gps said one minute yeah.

So why are we still going? I I have no idea we're literally in the middle of nowhere now like like.

My phone is like actually glitching out now: okay, well, we're gonna keep going.

I guess we're almost there just a few more steps.

This is, is it man, oh my god, dude still like it's been like an hour dude, what the hell, what the hell did? They want us to come here for guys.

It's just train tracks dude.

This is a train right yeah.

I know, but it's not even the same place where I found him the first time what the hell thomas this is.

This is dumb.

This is supposed to be something some special riddle, but nothing's going on thomas you're you're around here, thomas dude.

No, no, don't shake the toilet.

Green chill check the door.

He brought us here for a reason, thomas, hello, okay, why are we here? Dude? Look around you don't see me around sure.

Thomas is right here.

Oh I got it.

What are you doing really what you're going to play with the toy on the train tracks? What else are we going to do this new train here other than thomas here? You know what you're right.

That kind of thing.

Let me try dude.

This is bull crap.

What are we doing here? Really? What? If I did? What? If I did this wait? What are you doing? What are you doing? Are um it's getting closer bro.

I don't like this, but what the hell is going to do it's getting closer dude yeah, oh my god, what the hell was that that was the train.

Wait, it's gone um.

What the hell did we do? We all literally almost got ran over by thomas um fight it.

Now fine, it's gonna keep coming bro what the hell! Oh, my god, are you bleeding dude wait! No blood's coming out of his eyes, he's bleeding what the hell dude we gotta get this get to the car go home there it on get it.

Is it how bro, how I don't know? Bro it's a little over my hands, he's bleeding out of his eyes.

You seen this.

A toy is literally mcdonald's toy, literally bleeding out of its eyes, whatever we did over there, whatever what happened at the train tracks transformed it like it actually worked.

Should we be worried? I don't know bro, let's just put it back in here and, let's just end the video okay, if you guys enjoyed go down below and smash 40 000 likes check out my boy hi mike he's linked down below subscribe to my channel for more crazy videos.

Just like this one and until next time, guys chester's out.

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