10+ Fun DIY Football Helmet Craft Ideas (2024)

As someone who lives for those Sunday showdowns, there’s nothing like the thrill of watching the game with friends and family during football season. But you know what takes the excitement up a notch? Crafting your very own DIY football helmets! It’s like scoring a touchdown in your living room, and trust me, it’s a real game-changer. So, whether you’re gearing up for a tailgate party or just looking to “huddle up” with your craft supplies, We’ve got 10+ DIY football helmet craft ideas that’ll make your home the ultimate “end zone” of football fun. Grab your craft kit and let’s create some “gridiron magic” together!

If your family loves the sports channel like mine, you’ll enjoy our DIY Sports Craft Ideas For Kids. They’ll be sure to have a fun time crafting up these cool ideas.

Mini Paper Football Helmet

10+ Fun DIY Football Helmet Craft Ideas (1)

Source: Happy Crafts TV

I’ve crafted these with my little MVPs, and they’re a blast. These fun-sized helmets make perfect party favors for your kid’s birthday bash or game day get-togethers. Imagine the fun of decorating them with team colors and logos, and then hosting a mini “field goal challenge” right in your backyard.

Football Helmet Desk Lamp

10+ Fun DIY Football Helmet Craft Ideas (2)

Source: Instructables

The Football Helmet Desk Lamp is a winner in our home! Kids will love it for their study sessions. It’s a fun, sporty addition to their desks, and it doubles as a practical reading light. It’s an illuminating experience, both for learning and having a blast. Plus, it’s a touchdown in-room decor!

Cardboard NFL Helmet

10+ Fun DIY Football Helmet Craft Ideas (3)

Source: Cardboard Crafts

Craft these helmets and turn them into a family art project. You can pick your favorite NFL team, and design your helmets accordingly. Then, have a blast wearing them while watching the games together with your family on Sundays. It’s like having your own mini tailgate party in the living room.

Paper Plate Football Helmet

10+ Fun DIY Football Helmet Craft Ideas (4)

Source: Woo Jr.

The kids decorate them with team logos and colors, and then we stage a “mini parade” around the living room during halftime. It’s a hoot! The best part? We crown the most creative helmet designer as the “MVP of Crafts.” It adds a friendly competition to our game day festivities.

Milk Jug Football Helmet

10+ Fun DIY Football Helmet Craft Ideas (5)

Source: Gina Tepper

We’ve crafted these cuties and used them as festive table centerpieces during our game day gatherings. They add an awesome touch to our football-themed snacks and treats. These helmets are a perfect conversation starter at our football watch parties. Craft, decorate, and score big with these cool decorations!

Easy Box Cardboard Football Helmet

10+ Fun DIY Football Helmet Craft Ideas (6)

Source: Honestly Modern

They’re fantastic for imaginative play, and my little ones have even hosted their own “backyard bowl” games wearing these helmets. It’s a blast to see their faces light up as they pretend to be their favorite players. And when we’re not in game mode, these cardboard helmets make awesome room decorations. They’re easy, fun, and perfect for bonding with the family over our shared love for football.

Football Helmet Centerpiece

10+ Fun DIY Football Helmet Craft Ideas (7)

Source: Simply Crafty SVGs

We’ve crafted these eye-catching centerpieces, and they’re a game-changer when it comes to setting the football mood. They make our buffet table look like a tailgate paradise, and we fill them with snacks like popcorn and chips. It’s like having a mini concession stand at home! But here’s the real kicker: we’ve turned these helmets into the centerpiece of a family trivia game. We load them up with trivia questions about our favorite teams, and whoever answers correctly gets to grab a snack.

Crochet Football Helmet

10+ Fun DIY Football Helmet Craft Ideas (8)

Source: 5 Little Monsters

It’s all about warm and cozy touchdowns for the littlest fans! I whipped up these adorable helmets for my kids when they were babies, and they were a game-day hit. Not only do they keep those tiny heads snug during chilly game nights, but they also turn your little ones into the cutest football-loving champs. Plus, they make for the perfect photo props. We’ve had some hilarious and heartwarming baby football photo shoots!

Layered Football Helmet

10+ Fun DIY Football Helmet Craft Ideas (9)

Source: Special Heart Studio

These helmets look fantastic as wall hangings or as part of a football-themed bulletin board in the kids’ playroom. And the fun doesn’t stop there – we’ve used them as props for our very own “Touchdown Toss” game. Aim for the helmets with a foam football, and you’re in for some friendly competition.

Wooden Football Helmet Bank

10+ Fun DIY Football Helmet Craft Ideas (10)

Source: Instructables

Each week, my kids proudly drop their allowance or spare change into their helmet banks, just like a winning touchdown drive. It’s a tangible lesson in setting goals, saving, and the joy of watching your savings grow. Plus, when the helmets are finally full, we celebrate with a “touchdown party” where we count the savings and talk about what we can do with the money.

Football Helmet Flower Display

10+ Fun DIY Football Helmet Craft Ideas (11)

Source: Country Living Mag

Take your old, unused football helmets and transform them into stunning flower displays that not only brighten up our space but also promote the importance of upcycling and recycling. By giving these helmets a new purpose, we show our kids how to repurpose items and reduce waste. Crafting these displays reminds us that even old helmets can bloom anew with a touch of creativity!

Water Bottle Football Helmet

10+ Fun DIY Football Helmet Craft Ideas (12)

Source: Gina Tepper

Not only do they spruce up the party atmosphere, but they also double as drink identifiers. No more mix-ups over whose water bottle is whose! We’ve turned crafting these helmets into a pre-game ritual, letting everyone customize their mini-helmet with a unique player number or their favorite team’s logo. They’re like fun bobblehead decorations that bring extra spirit to our football fever.

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10+ Fun DIY Football Helmet Craft Ideas (16)

10+ Fun DIY Football Helmet Craft Ideas (2024)
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